Word Church
Lighthouse Motorcycle Club
Following Jesus On Two Wheels
Welcome to the Lighthouse
Motorcycle Club page.
What we are is a group
of men and women who love
the Lord and love to ride.

Several times a year,
in the warm months, we gather
together on a Saturday morning
and ride a scenic route enjoying
the fellowship of the saints
and the need for speed.

Our club has no colors,
but the blood of Jesus;
no jackets but the robe
of righteousness;
and no enemies but the devil.

We encourage and invite you
to come and be a part of our
"Wild Bunch".
All you need is a heart that loves
the Lord and a soul
that has a need for speed.    
Oh yea, you'll need a motorcycle too.

God Bless You,
Pastor Walter

Remember, wise men follow Jesus
and smart men wear protective gear
and always obey the law.
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Friends Fellowship
And The
Need For Speed
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